Custom Safety Services, LLC


We provide workplace anti-harassment training for both managers/supervisors and the general employee population. Attendees will learn examples of behaviors that "cross the line", and techniques for handling complaints of harassment.

Should your organization experience a complaint of workplace harassment, we regularly conduct prompt investigations and issue reports and recommendations for resolving the complaint.




Workplace violence takes many forms, homicide in the most extreme case. However, workplace violence often occurs in other forms, such as, intimidation, harassment and physical assaults. One in four workers are harassed, bullied, threatened or attacked each year. 

The US Department of Justice - National Crime Victimization Survey reports there are 2 million victims of workplace violence each year. Can you:

  • Identify the RED FLAGS of a potential workplace violence situation?
  • Classify at-risk job tasks / categories?
  • Sight changes in employee behaviors that might be a clue to a pending workplace violence situation?
  • Recognize escalating stages of workplace violence?
  • Create a company policy on workplace violence that will not back you into a corner?

If you answered NO to any of the above questions, than you need workplace violence awareness training. We can work with your company to increase awareness, develop policies, and skills to help you reduce the impact of violence in the workplace. We can identify areas for improvement in order to create a safer workplace for you and your employees.